Wednesday, April 24, 2013

~ My New HobbieS ^_^ ~

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ
“Dengan menyebut nama Allah Yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Penyayang"

Alhamdulillah... How are you dear?? Hope you all fine... Insya ALLAH...
Today I would like to share something with you all about my hobbies at home. Actually all people have their own hobbies right? Same with me. How about you? 
Do you know what the meaning of hobby? 

A hobby is a regularly undertaken activity that is done for pleasure, typically, during one's leisure time. Hobbies can include the collection of themed items and objects, engaging in creative and artistic pursuits, tinkering playing sports, along with many more examples. By continually participating in a particular hobby, one can acquire substantial skill and knowledge in that area.
Generally speaking, a person who engages in an activity solely for fun is called an amateur (or hobbyist), as opposed to a professional who engages in an activity for remuneration, or pay. An amateur may be as skilled as a professional, the principle difference being that a professional receives compensation while an amateur does not.

 Ok...Now I would like to tell you about my hobbies. Firstly, i like to serving internet, online chatting, >facebook, email, twitter(sometimes), cooking, make-up, typing, writing, take care of fish, cat, collecting stamp, reads the books, listening to music singing, watching TV and so on.... But, today I will show for you my favorite pets at home. Hehehehe...

For your information, I have 3 turtles or toitoise, and some of koi fish(ikan koi), perch fish (ikan sepat) are so colorful, Puyu & Haruan fish and fighting fish (ikan laga) or (ikan karen) when people at Kedah said like that. Huhuhu... And lastly, I also have kaloi fish (ikan kaloi).. Last but not least is eel fish (belut)....Next time I think  I want to buy the Gold fish for my collection fish at home... I dont know why I like with the fish, maybe because of my parents. My fathers when he was young, he always play with fish and take care of so many fish but now not yet. Now, he was 61 years old, so he don't care about fish yet. But now I still continue his hobbies to take care of it. I feel happy and enjoy with my self when I'm looking all the fish and the turtles playing around in their places. Sometime it can make me feel not lonely and I will spend my times with enjoy it!! It is FUN you know? 
YOU DON'T BELIEVE??? You must to try it! will know..>_-

Ok la kengkawan.. amboi..speaking plok ari ni kan.. saje je tu.. Hentam sajalah labu.. Haa.. saya kan tunjukkan ikan peliharaan saya di rumah... jom tengok..^_^


haa.... Now, you look that.. there are so many right??? Semua ni la jantung hati saya kat rumah ni.. habiskan masa lapang dengan diorang la.. Actually bela ikan atau binatang peliharaan camni xde la susah mana cuma perlu ada minat or interest in your self, so you can be like me. 
The most important thing is "you know what you do". 
Bak kata orang tua-tua bela ikan di rumah kadang2 ada kebaikannya jugak..salah satunya dapat menjaga rumah dan mengelakkan ilmu sihir atau makhluk halus untuk masuk ke dalam rumah kita. Kalau ada orang nak buat santau pun susah nak menjadi sebab ikan-ikan ni adalah salah satu pantang larang yang membuatkan ilmu hitam atau sihir tidak menjadi. So? if you want to know more information about that, you must to read more and search from the internet or ask your mom...Hehehe... Sebelum ni saya ada share ngn kengkawan semua tentang hobi saya dahulu suka menanam pokok bunga kan? Sekarang ni da kurang sikit..& ni la hobby baru selama 1 tahun lebih gak la bela binatang2 cam ni....X perlukan modal banyak mana pun.. sikit jee... Yang paling penting...nak bela kena tahu nak jaga cam na..Tu PENTING...:)

Ok.. until this time i will share with you all again.. See you..;) 
Thank you for watching...



PuTriAjA said...

Sape yang ada hobi cam ni?? share la kat sini...ok??? tq...^_^

umairajannah said...

cheq suke bace novel jer dari bela2 binatang nie cheq geli no hehehe

PuTriAjA said...

alahai... baca novel je ke? selain baca novel x kan xde hobi lain? best la bela binatang2 camni.. saya nak sangat bela sugar glider & iguana.. hhmmm.... maybe one day coming soon..

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